Get To Know Me

Hi my lovelies!

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about my illnesses and my weight loss story over the last year, so I figured I’d take a little break and let you guys get to know me! Here’s 10 randoms about me, feel free to reach out and ask more questions on here or on social! ❤

  • I wanted to be a marine biologist growing up
  • I can do a Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes
  • I have an actual bucket list that I’m working my way through. I find that it gives me direction and ensures that I actually start doing things! It’s also becoming a bit like a story of my life
  • I have quite severe social anxiety, being left on my own with someone is my idea of hell. I need that third person to be a buffer for when I can’t think of anything to say, because I panic and say ridiculous things otherwise
  • I has a first class honors degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with Joker and Harley Quinn and you’ll often see me cosplaying at Comic Con as Harley in a quest to find my Puddin’!
  • I have hypermobility which means I fall…. a lot. I’ve broken more bones then I’d care to admit!
  • I come from a working class family, my mum raised 5 kids by herself whilst working at a fast food restaurant. She ran herself in to the ground to support us and she’s kind of my hero
  • I’ve always been convinced that I’m not going to grow old. Most of the time I think I’m going to get murdered because I have the world’s most overactive imagination and my siblings made me watch scary films as a kid, but other times I feel like it’ll just be a case of bad timing and I’ll get squashed by a car or something. It doesn’t affect me at all, just always lingering in the back of my mind
  • I nearly died when I was 15 from an appendicitis attack that was left for too long by the hospital and started rupturing. This was also the trigger for my Fibromyalgia

I’ve love to hear some of your random facts!

Zoë Louise Mason x

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